Who We Are

Unisource Discovery is a revered legal vendor, specializing in Digital Document Retrieval and Service of Process.  Over 80% of our clients are publicly traded companies.  We are constantly developing new and innovative ways to expand our services to better serve our industry. Our strong fund of knowledge of Discovery allows legal professionals to excel in the art and science of Litigation Case Management.

Our company has the unique ability to handle and process large volumes of litigated cases which allows us to better manage our fixed costs. Thus, we are able to pass along the savings to our clients in the form of highly competitive pricing. Attorneys and Claims personnel feel strongly that this service improves their efficiency and productivity in the handling of litigated matters. 

As a point of reference and not to be overlooked, Unisource Discovery owns and maintains all components related to secured transmission and storage of records. In other words, this aspect of our operation is not outsourced, under any circumstance. 

We control and maintain a fully protected and HIPAA compliant Digital Records Retrieval operation, including software, applications, hardware infrastructure and platform. Our commitment to all parties of any matter is to always have privacy protection in place on a host of levels, a process that we view as essential and fundamental to any legal proceeding.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce Unisource Discovery and demonstrate our user-friendly systems to you, your Legal Administrator and litigation colleagues. Our skilled business development team of professionals can help you with an undeniable solution to containing costs related to litigated matters. 

What they say about us

"...an article by Unisource Discovery
President and CEO Noel Mijares,
'Automated Document Retrieval,' in a
recent issue of Legal Management...took a
complicated subject...and made it
quite easy to understand...emphasizing
how firm administrators and corporate
litigators can play key leadership roles
in this critical area."

"...always on top of things and
anticipating our needs.
Unisource Discovery
makes the life of an insurance
carrier paralegal easier..."

"The speed and accuracy of
Unisource Discovery has allowed me
to make good legal decisions."

"Settling cases is our objective.
Speed, accuracy, and digital tranmission
of records are critical to assessing and
evaluating any Claim File. Unisource
Discovery has the products and
services that allow Adjusters to move
at a breakneck pace to obtain records,
which improves our efficiency
while reducing costs."

"Unisource Discovery is an
incredible service that allows us
to focus on litigated cases…all
records recoverable through the
subpoena process...are at
our fingertips 24/7."

"As a busy medical records custodian,
it feels good to be appreciated
and recognized by a company like
Unisource Discovery. It is rare that
we receive compliments. More often
than not, we receive complaints. 
Your staff is awesome.

"I am new to
Unisource Discovery
and I love it!"

"We get our records fast,
and we save money at the
same time for our clients using
Unisource Discovery. That's
what we call working smarter,
not harder."

"The best way to escape 'fatigue'
is to surround yourself with a
legal vendor that excels in
digital document retrieval, like
Unisource Discovery."


"What company ever takes
the time to send a birthday card
to the Lead Medicaid
Records Custodian?
Unisource Discovery does."

"You find a legal supplier...
but then you have to make sure
you like the people you actually
work with...Unisource Discovery
is that legal vendor."

"Yes, we can.
That's the answer you get when
you request a special preference
for your Claim File from
Unisource Discovery. For any
Adjuster, that is music to our ears."

"We are busy paralegals managing
the legal responsibilities of our
attorneys. We appreciate the efforts
and experience of Unisource Discovery
and their staff. They understand
subpoena clauses better than
anyone in the industry."